This is the story of two grownups playing house. He is a mean Daddy, and she is a curvy little girly. He teaches her how to make him happy, and only asks that she do it perfectly. Every time.

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keeping it in the family
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this isn’t to get daddy off.  this is just cuz piglet likes daddy cock in her mouf.



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not in spite of.  because of.


i might have my tongue in your ass

but, let’s face it, you are putty in my hands

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There is something so special about promising her that you’ll go slow, that you’ll be “verrrrry gentle”, and that you’ll really make sure she’s ok when you first enter her asshole — and then just NAILING the bitch in the shitpipe with one good thrust.

Violating a cunt’s trust in such a deliberate way is a special moment between the two of you. It’s when she’s reminded how little control she has, and how you can do whatever you want to her.

And she can’t do a fucking thing about it.

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piglet misses daddy sometimes, but she doesn’t let herself get too too sad.


Angels in black.

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daddy has magic that makes cock fit in tiny places.  but a little help doesn’t hurt either.



Too much girth for her…..or will we make it fit!?!


Oh, it’ll fit. 

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piglet is intimately familiar with this feel.



Ahh this sums up exactly what I woke yearning for today - lap time with Daddy, worshipping my god on my knees, in deep reverence, the craving I have for Daddy’s cock etched all over my face ohyouremine


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while piglet reads her books.


Hello, we are in a sharing kinda mood - weednymphos

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the look of love.


My blog will make you horny ;)

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this is all the things piglet likes in the world.


J. and the General.

The true story of a college professor and a United Nations general, who met through Craigslist for anonymous sex, and ended up falling in love. I am so happy to know them.

This picture is perfection. The only possible thing that could make it better? Your caption. So hot. Thank you.

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the bracelet should be made out of candy.  but other than that, this is A+ 


He’s wearing the bracelet she made for him omggg. ♥♥

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