This is the story of two grownups playing house. He is a mean Daddy, and she is a curvy little girly. He teaches her how to make him happy, and only asks that she do it perfectly. Every time.

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reading is fundamental.


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ok, piglet.  pop quiz.

count the daddy buttons?



I had met him at the mall….it was nice to come across an older man that saw me for far more than just some teenage girl….of course I was happy to model some dresses for him in the fitting room….he was looking for a present for his daughter.

which would be the greater betrayal? That he does not have a daughter and just used the fiction as a way to gain a certain fatherly trustworthiness on the way to fucking your gullible ass? Or that he does have a daughter.  the daughter has hair just like yours, but the face is different. From behind the similarity is striking. He already bought her this exact dress, and now he is fucking away at you with her name going through his head.

Just to make it clear…


It is not okay to flirt with another little’s Daddy.

It is not okay to carry on flirting with another little’s Daddy when they’ve said no

It is not okay to call another little’s Daddy “Daddy”

People always preach about how people shouldn’t call other Daddy’s little “kitten, princess, babygirl” etc. Or how they shouldn’t call them “slave, pet, little one” etc. The same rule applies to  Daddies, okay?

piglets agree!

every piglet comes with a built-in chubhandle.

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how daddy likes his pussy.  clean and pink and demure.

well.  clean and pink anyhow.



piglet says Natalie is just ordinary looking as a blonde.

daddy has different thoughts.


Natalie Dormer - {3/?}

"I know I’m not a conventional beauty. You can read a lot of painful things on the Internet, which criticise you aesthetically - but as far as I’m concerned, that’s not what an actress is."

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sometimes it takes a village.


I want to feel this

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daddy’s been a little fixated on Lana lately.

piglet is jelly.

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I don’t remember taking this, piglet.  but it sure looks like how we do.

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ok, daddy.  just a taste.  a little one.

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